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How Does Die Casting Work?

For a wide range of applications, at druckguss|waghäusel aluminium alloys are heated up to approx. 700°C, and then mechanically pressed into steel moulds under high pressure. Within seconds, the aluminium re-obtains its solid state. Then the steel mould opens and the die cast part can be removed.

Die cast parts are used in all industrial branches due to their comparatively low weight with simultaneously good mechanical and physical properties.

Die casting can be recommended for series with high quantities, high finish quality, and precision of the required dimension. Complex, precision-formed casting parts from 0.050kg up to 3,000kg are being manufactured on our machines.

The precise and elaborately designed tools from high quality hot forming tool steel allow - according to respective customer requirement - a production of partly over 100,000 castings.

On our die casting machines, approx. 600 tons of aluminium are being casted annually.

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How Die Casting Works:

1. Charging hole
2. Piston rod
3. Mould carrier plate
4. Ejector
5. Pillar guide
6. Ejector plate
7. Mould half
8. Work piece

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