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Technical Equipment at druckguss|waghäusel

2 crucible-free melting furnaces ZPF
1 crucible melting furnace Hindenlang
5 die casting machines:
2 x 320 tons partly automated
1 x 520 tons
1 x 560 tons
1 x 420 tons fully automated
X-ray installation
Spectral analyser
3D-Measuring machine
6 hydraulic die cutters of 15 - 35 tons
1 belt shot blasting machine
2 Trowal slide grinding installations
Various measuring devices
2 CNC machining centre
1 automatic lathe
6 box column drills
3 lathes

Die casting machines:
On our modern and efficient horizontal cold chamber die casting machines (clamping forces of 320to up to 560to) we manufacture cast parts from 0.050kg up to 3,000kg. By means of connected heating and cooling units as well as vacuum systems, we ensure a consistent quality of our products.

Crucible-free melting furnaces:
Our crucible-free melting furnaces with integrated filters supply our casting machines with molten metal. The heat generated in the melting process is used for heating water.

Alloys used according to DIN 1706:
226D according to EN-AB-46000
230D according to EN-AB-44300
231D according to EN-AB-47100
239D according to EN-AB-43400

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